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Quality is the Best Recipe

Opening May 27th, 2021, people in St. Petersburg, FL can experience a real taste of Italy.

The new fast-casual restaurant, DalMoros Fresh Pasta To Go, is the first franchise location in the US. DalMoros Fresh Pasta To Go is one of the first of its kind; a fresh pasta express concept that serves the finest quality traditional fresh pasta dishes, quickly! All freshly made pasta dishes are served in convenient to-go style packaging that can be enjoyed anywhere.

A chef cutting his freshly made pasta using a pasta machine
A chef gathering his freshly made pasta and preparing to cook it

What We Offer

Our menu features four kinds of fresh pasta made from scratch, each of which can be paired with eight different kinds of homemade sauces made from the freshest ingredients, free of preservatives and additives. We also offer some seasonal special homemade sauces. Our Alcohol free Tiramisù is one of the best you’ll find in town.
Our Menu

Founded in 2012 by 7th generation Venetian Chef Gabriele Dal Moro.

Originating in Venice, Italy, DalMoros Fresh Pasta To Go is a new concept bringing high-quality Italian food to the masses without the need to sit down at a formal restaurant. Named after its creator and head chef, 7th-generation Venetian, Gabriele Dal Moro, DalMoros Fresh Pasta To Go is here to show Americans that it’s possible to enjoy authentic, fresh made Italian pastas in a fast-casual environment.

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A chef holding up his freshly made pasta

Fresh Pasta ● Homemade Sauces ● Tiramisù

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